Doors To Nowhere

I love doors! I love wood! I love wooden doors! That seems logical! LOL I even love doors to nowhere! I’ve photographed a number of doors to nowhere in the past few years. Some are decorative, others planned for a future use. Some actually had something behind them such as a gift shop or back entrance to a mysterious place. All are wood, all are doors.

There are stories behind each door photograph. The one of the double screened door came from the Oregon Zoo’s Lorikeet Landing that no longer exists. It was torn down with a plan to replace the exhibit with an educational center. The one with a giraffe on it now graces the front cover of a children’s book by Sandra Conner.

The Bongo Corner entrance doorway no longer exists either. That hut was converted to a souvenir shop selling junk from China. 😦

Door Number 01

Door To NeverlandLorikeet Landing ExitOld Wooden DoorThe Door

Weathered Building

Bongo Corner



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