Discovery Center Backyard

Within the grounds of the Southwick Zoo is the Discovery Center, a large barnlike structure that house the animals that need to be contained in a small area. There are retile galore, each in their own aquarium style environment. There are exotic birds, snakes and more kept in other rooms in the building that are brought out by staff members for periodic shows put on my the staff. Visitors are restricted to the main room of the center as some of the animals in the back are shy and sensitive to strangers in their midst.

The backyard contains what looks like giant tapirs that look like big hogs. The building itself is old, wood and very rustic in appearance. The Discovery Center is also the home of Earth Limited. EARTH Ltd is a nonprofit based in Southwick’s Zoo that provides and supports our zoo with numerous education programs and projects They also help raise funds for other organizations such as the International Rhino Foundation. EARTH members receive benefits, including free admission to our zoo, and they help support environmental education!

On my very first visit to the Southwick Zoo I signed up for an Earth Limited membership, $55 for seniors. It gets me into the zoo itself for free for the entire season that runs from April to November when this zoo closes for the Winter.

Discovery Center Backyard 01


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