Bringing The Outside In

During my mini photoshoot yesterday while sitting in front of my apartment I captured an image of a bird I know as a sparrow. Looking up local species I can further identify it as a Massachusetts House Sparrow. I love all God’s creatures, especially the birds that brighten your day with a song as they go about the business of just living.

That morning I also happened to be making a fun shopping trip to the Dollar Tree in Whitinsville, walking each aisle looking for interesting things for $1 each. I brought home about $10 worth of treasures that included microcloth dish towels, 35 wood spring loaded clothespins and 4 mechanical pencils with 5 years worth of spare lead. The one other thing I discovered but didn’t buy this time around were black mounting boards with 3/16″ foam cores. They are the best way to mount and display pictures. At $1 apiece these poster size board were a bargain I’ll be returning for shortly. I want to mount a number of photographs on them to hang on my walls. Next I need to find some spray 3M adhesive. I want to wind up with something like my little sparrow picture seen below.

Thanks to Martin Fine for correcting me on this bird’s species. It is indeed a male House Sparrow not a Chipping Sparrow as I originally posted. Thumbs up Martin!

Sparrow Framed 01



5 thoughts on “Bringing The Outside In

    • It’s too easy to photograph these as the yard and woods behind my building is teeming with wildlife. I just sit back and wait for them to come to me. The squirrels come 4 at a time with an occasional chipmunk thrown in. It’s relaxing and a great source of shots.

  1. I believe that this not a Chipping Sparrow but a House Sparrow. In any case it is really a beautiful capture. As a long time lurker I really do enjoy your photos and blog.


    • You got my curiosity going so I did a Google search on the differences between the two species and agree with you, it is a male house sparrow. Thank you for the correction. – Bob

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