Two Wallabies Up Close

I made another quick trip to the Southwick Zoo yesterday just because the weather conditions and light were so good. As I get more familiar with their animals I manage to get closer and closer to them, looking for better shots. The Wallaby photo below is about as good as it gets. The Wallabies here are about as timid as they can be since they’re so accustomed to humans watching them. At least one is carrying a baby around in its pouch as I saw the little one climb in but wasn’t able to get a photo of the act. It gives me cause to return and try again. That will be special!

Two Wallabies


One thought on “Two Wallabies Up Close

  1. Yes it will. I am reliably informed by the guy that cuts my grass that wallabies come into my garden, he recognised the droppings, I had thought they were from possums. I’ve yet to see one because they mostly move about after dark.

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