A Busy Day

My new next door neighbor, Karen, needed a step stool for her aging 16 year old dog. I had enough scrap wood to maker her one that she was very happy to accept. Below is a photo of the project. Built out of 2″x6″ construction lumber I could stand on that top shelf and jump up and down without any worry of the piece letting me down, literally! I know it’s a bit of overkill but remember that I used scrap wood not designated for other projects. It cost me nothing so I charged her nothing.

It took me about 6 hours to build as I familiarized myself with my new tools, workbench and techniques I hadn’t used before. I’m discovering how powerful my router can be to straighten out boards and edges. I don’t mind is edges aren’t perfectly flush because of my straight ball bearing guided cutter that trips that edge perfectly to a straight edge clamped to that piece. I returned to my manual back saw and miter box for crosscuts. I’m certainly getting my exercise doing that. Maybe I can lose a few pounds in the process of my good deeds.

I started another project that entails building myself a hand carried toolbox with one pullout drawer and a liftout tray. It’s your classic woodwright’s toolbox like the one Roy underhill used on his Woodwright’s Shop PBS series. I designed it myself on the fly and will be able to finish its construction in one more day’s work. I still need to round over everything and sand, sand, and more sanding before finishing the box. I’ll take a photo when I’m finished. With this box I can carry all my hand tools, marking/measuring tools and pocket hole R3 jig from Kreg. It will expedite future builds.

doggie step stool #2


7 thoughts on “A Busy Day

    • My next door neighbor, Al, doesn’t get the handmade concept. He wanted to know why the lady with the dog didn’t just buy the doggie steps from WalMart. 😦

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