A Busier Day

I do manage to fill my retirement time from sunup to sunset somehow. Yesterday I attended my first men’s bible study at 6:30 in the morning. That was followed by a senior coffee clutch at 10. I did not leave the church after the bible study ended around 7:30. I basically killed the entire morning at church on a Thursday. I’m grateful as I thoroughly enjoyed both sessions. Both were punctuated by loads of Jumbo Donuts and endless cups of fresh coffee. Whoa! I’m going to need to find my way around those donuts! 🙂

After my church activities I headed over to Koopman’s Lumber/Hardware for another 1x4x8 to complete my tool box project. I also managed to find a 2′ chunk of closet pole for its handle and the Forstner drill bit big enough to mount that handle in the toolbox. My tool collection continues to grow. Yesterday afternoon I had a kit of guide bushings for my router arrive by US Postal Service or USPS. Life is good!

For those not into woodworking tools, guide bushings are inserted into the base of a router and used to follow a pattern. For example: If you want to straighten out the edge of any board you clamp a straightedge to that board and the guide bushing with allow your router to follow it cutting a perfect straight edge on the bottom board. They are very handy accessories when you don’t have big shop tools like a table saw, radial arm saw or jointer. I’m sure that makes things clear as mud. LOL

So Thursday’s activities gave my old tired, sunburned body a chance to recuperate a bit from all my outside woodworking fun. I’m enjoying my new fan that was bartered for payment for the doggie staircase I built for Karen’s old dog. She loves the staircase and I love my super duper fan! 🙂

Thus ended my busy day of relaxing! LOL I still haven’t managed that next trip to the zoo for some fresh new photos. Maybe today!

Jumbo Donuts #1

New Tool Accessories

Guide Bushing Use


4 thoughts on “A Busier Day

  1. Gosh, I’m almost envious. So glad you’re having these positive experiences. You’re a good man, Bob, and good friends and favor are God’s blessings that He wants you to have.

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