White Rhino vs Black Rhino

Since I’ve had the pleasure of photographing the Rhinos from two different zoos I have a collection of both white rhinos and black rhinos. As you see in the photographs below it’s not hard to see the obvious differences between these two variation of a species. I haven’t learned the names of the two white rhinos at the Southwick Zoo yet but I’ll get there soon enough. The two black rhinos at the Oregon Zoo are Zuri (female) and Ruka (male).

White vs Black Rhino

White vs Black Rhino 2


6 thoughts on “White Rhino vs Black Rhino

    • I’d have to do more research to tell you the actual physical differences. Even the two black rhinos at the Oregon Zoo have totally different coloration and body differences.

      • Quiall, you are correct about the definition of white in Dutch: broad. A major difference between black and white rhinos is their mouth. They do not compete with one another for food. One nibbles the top of grass and the other is more of a grazer. I have not done a good job here trying to explain the difference~

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