Al’s Pink Daylilies

We live in a micro world here in Calumet Court. It’s a senior public housing community whose tenants are elderly, frail and sometimes in need of a little help.  We help each other when we can because we’re all in this situation together. Fiercely independent, we strive to bright just a bit old beauty and joy into our tiny one bedroom housing units.

Each of us does this in a different way. 90 year old Adele sits in front of her apartment and smokes her cigarettes. I pull out my workbench and make sawdust while fashioning projects for my neighbors. I also sit out front with my camera and photograph my tiny world around me.

I love my new life in my housing unit. It’s the perfect size for one person, with a full size kitchen and bathroom along with our livingroom/bedroom, separated by a useful shelved breakfront. Thanks to the generosity of others I want for nothing.

My neighbor to my right is Al and his wife Joan. We talk and make fun of each other on a regular basis. Al and the rest of my neighbors, are always curious as to what I’m building this week. Sometimes it’s  a toolbox or set of stairs for an aging doggie down my sidewalk. Sometime I get to walk that doggie, now 16 years old, because its owner, Karen, isn’t feeling up to it physically. We help each other in small ways that cost nothing monetarily.

Below are pictures I took yesterday as I sat in my unit’s outside chair. Just 5 feet to my right Al has his flower garden blooming, with pink and orange daylilies coming up now that his bearded iris have moved on for the season. I’ve never seen pink daylilies so I made a point of capturing them and adding them to my collection of flower photographs from other places and times. They’re a gentle reminded that it doesn’t take much space to enjoy nature’s beauty.

Pink Daylily 01

Pink Daylily 02

Pink Daylily 03

Pink Daylily 04



4 thoughts on “Al’s Pink Daylilies

  1. Beautiful flowers-wonderful life…happy you are enjoying your new pad…no mice, gypsey moths and a full kitchen!

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