A Fawn Is Born

During my visit to the Southwick Zoo yesterday I met a supervisor in charge of security at the zoo. Her name is Cindy Wilson.I was in the zoo’s deer forest where dozens of fallow deer live in a huge reserve where they can run freely in a large fenced in area. Cindy clued me in to a special birth of a young fawn that she and other staff members was carefully guarding from the visiting public. She is also a photographer so she led me over to where one of her security staff was standing guard.

The fawn that had just been born was lying silently under an outcrop of rocks in a bed of leaves. It was a precious little life that was doing what was instinctual for its own safety, freezing motionless when it perceived danger. It made no attempt to escape as it lay there huddled under the shadow of that outcropped pile of boulders.

I had my 55-200mm zoom on my camera which allowed me to keep a safe distance from the fawn so as not to disturb it any further. The photo I took can be seen below.

Fawn 01


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