Southwick Macaw Profile Portraits

I discovered a few more of the zoo’s many Macaw inhabitants at the Discovery Center during my last photo safari to the Southwick Zoo. The macaw seen below was on his perch under heavy shade that threatened to keep me from getting the shot. Fortunately my choice of camera, the Fuji X-E1, makes these type of lighting conditions child’s play. I certainly got his attention as I steadied myself for this short exposure.

Macaw Profiles


6 thoughts on “Southwick Macaw Profile Portraits

    • I find it unusual that this zoo has so many Macaws. They are certainly huge and vividly colored. The are easy to photograph as well since they are not shy or skittering around humans.

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    • I had a National Geographic Photographer compliment me on my entire 100 photograph collection. He said he’s never seen so many super sharp animal & people photographs before.

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