Female House Sparrow

The other day I posted photos of a male house sparrow that lives in my backyard. One of my followers, Martin Fine, educated me on the differences between a house sparrow and a chipping sparrow. Wikipedia went further showing me that male house sparrows have a black throat. They also showed the female variety doesn’t.

Yesterday, while sitting in my favorite outdoor chair, I was capturing images of the birds in my yard. I have a prolific collection because everyone who lives here puts out food for the animals including feeders and birdhouses.

I must be patient, camera in hand, for birds to land within range of my lens, a 55-200mm zoom. I finally caught a couple of good, stable shots of what turned out to be a female house sparrow. I double checked Wikipedia to make sure. 🙂

Female House Sparrow 01

Female House Sparrow 02

3 thoughts on “Female House Sparrow

    • We have so many birds, chipmunks and squirrels you wouldn’t believe it. They are used to the seniors here and know they are safe. They regularly walk right up to you.

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