How To Photograph Chipmunks

The answer: Very Carefully! LOL I only recently discovered chipmunks. I photographed one back in Oregon but I thought they were rare and kept out of sight. Here in Massachusetts that’s the furthest thing from the truth. There are chipmunks everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. They skitter across the local roads so be wary of them and don’t have an accident trying not to hit them. If you aim for them they’ll be out of the way by the time you get there.

As far as photographing them you’ve got to be ready and a bit lucky because they’re nonstop movement. I suppose that’s a natural trait being they are such appetizing prey for so many larger animals. The chipmunks here are not much bigger than a big mouse with a fuzzy tail. Not everyone loves chipmunks as I do either. They tear up gardens, especially flower gardens. They are so tiny and fast forget trying to keep them out.

As I walk the paths at the Southwick Zoo chipmunk photos are grab shots of opportunity. The forests of Mendon are their home, their turf and they skitter everywhere. I’ve gotten used to snapping pictures of them when they stop long enough for me to capture them in an inquisitive pose. I love these little guys but then I’m not growing a flower garden. 🙂



7 thoughts on “How To Photograph Chipmunks

  1. I’m with you, they are cute but then we don’t have them here so they can’t tear up my garden. Are the ones you photographed official zoo residents or local “squatters”?

  2. You’ve captured such great shots! I went hiking once in NJ and saw a couple but was never able to get a clear photo since they moved so quickly haha

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