Three Old Farts

It was good to hear from three of my old friends today as they had a get together at a local bowling alley in South Carolina. I received two different phone calls before finally making a live connection. Marion, in the middle, said he was emailing me a special picture, the one seen below. The guys are Jack, Marion & Sam. We used to ride together decades ago and Jack & I worked in the same instrument shop. Jack was on duty the night of the horrible train wreck in Graniteville where a chlorine tanker ruptured killing a bunch of people and destroying a number of textile plants. I was intensive care for congestive heart failure that night and Jack was on duty on midnight shift. It was the last time either of us smoked a cigarette and Jack’s last day at that textile mill. His lungs were ruined by inhaling chlorine gas. He settled with the train company for a 6 figure amount and retired.

It’s good to see that the three are still kicking and doing alright in their senior years. Jack, a Vietnam vet, still rides his Harley Heritage 100th Anniversary Classic. He reminds me of a ZZ Top band member. LOL



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