Entering A Photo Contest

I usually shy away from photo contests as a general rule. I don’t need another trophy on my mantle or plaque on my wall. I recently spotted a contest put on by Amazon.com that got my interest however. The first prize is a $5,000 Amazon gift card. Now THAT I could use. It’s not in the league with winning the lottery but $5,000 would be a lot of fun to use at Amazon. They have such a wide variety of stuff I could get totally engrossed in shopping with that amount of cash. Of course I’d have to choose wisely because I must consider where I will put the stuff I buy. A studio apartment has its limits! LOL

Next, which picture do I submit? I have thousands to choose from. I decided to go with one of the recent shots I uploaded to my National Geographic website. This particular photograph went viral in less than 24 hours, garnering more favorable responses than any other in my collection.

This American Alligator photograph is nearly perfect photographically. The composition, lighting, sharpness, detail and interest are all as good as I’ve ever accomplished at the same time in the same photo. I wish you could have seen the conditions involved in this shoot! Everything was extreme, the dirty glass through which I shot it, the poor lighting and the location of the aquarium he was in. I pulled it off so wish me luck!

American Aligator 01


11 thoughts on “Entering A Photo Contest

    • Lol, thanks for your vote of confidence. I’ve entered photo contests many times. Sometimes I’ve discovered the eventual winner was a relative of one of the judges. Still, for a shot at $5,000 I’ll risk it. đŸ™‚

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