Instrument Of Praise

At Sunday service yesterday I was reminded of what an instrument of praise we can all become. Just before being dismissed to return to our homes the congregation sang God Bless America, twice. It was so loud, so emotional, the praise team leader felt the need to repeat the first verse. When it was all over the people singing all applauded in appreciation of the spontaneous show of support for our country. It’s one reason I decided to call this place my home. Nobody sits back and becomes a spectator here. We all participate in praise and worship!

I was thinking later as I processed the photos I’d taken that morning the true meaning of Instruments of Praise and Worship. We are all instruments of praise, just as much as the guitar, piano and organ. Our voices, lifted toward heaven, can be a resounding sweet sound.

Instrument Of Praise 01

Praise Team Guitarist 01

Implements Of Grace

God Bless America


4 thoughts on “Instrument Of Praise

  1. Love the simplicity of the altar and lectern pictures…you have found yourself a wonderful church family! Happy 4th, Bob!

    • Happy 4th Dianne. I actually got outside for about an hour to start a new woodworking project, a router table. I’m taking my time on this one as I want it as perfect as I can make it. I have some 1/4″ x 12″x12″ Russian birch plywood blanks in the mail with the intent to use one to mount my router and recess it 1/4″ into my tabletop. This router table is of my own design after looking at about 25 different designs. I think I can do better. We shall see. 🙂

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