Change is good, sometimes! I’ve not been happy with the spot I originally chose for my iMac computer and Brother laser printer. The iMac was set on a shelf in my room divider that came with my unit. There were two things wrong with that location: first it was simply too hot confining the 25″ monitor/computer in a cubby hole. It’s Summer and I don’t need to get toasted by my computer. 2nd it was too low. I could feel my right shoulder getting stressed out over the months I’d been using it on that shelf. I need thing up at least a few more inches.

As I lay down last night I thought about alternatives. The best one involved stealing my kitchen table out of my kitchen and using it for my computer desk. I had originally intended to buy two of these tables to do exactly that. I got sidetracked by money and the kindness of my church members showing up with a van full of living room furniture. It was time for a few changes.

I found a temporary place for my microwave and convection oven that had occupied that kitchen table. I cleaned 3 months worth of dust off the appliances and black table brought in by roof construction for the past 3 months. I moved that clean table all the way to my tiny bedroom which had been prepped by me earlier to place my kitchen table next to my bed.

Everything is finished and I’m very happy with the new arrangement. I’m able to still use the same power outlet and strip and I have enough room to easily get in and out of my new twin bed. The windows right next to the bed remain open for the breeze that provides cross-ventilation to my unit. Change can be good! 🙂

New Bedroom 01


7 thoughts on “Change

    • I’ve been through the joint issues before using a mouse and/or a trackpad. I fixed the issue by putting forearm support under that arm. I spend a lot of time at a computer so proper seat height and arm support are crucial.

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