A Cool Alternative

With Summer digging in here in New England the temperatures are rising into the 90s with higher humidity. Now normally 90 isn’t incredibly terrible but when the humidity rises you probably need more than a fan to keep you cool. I’ve been looking for small, portable alternative air conditioners recently. I came across a YouTube video on experimental inventions looking for financial support in order to bring them to market The Noria window air conditioner caught my eye for sure.

One reason is that my housing unit is studio sized and basically one big room. A window air conditioner should be all that I need with the main livingroom/bedroom measuring 10’x21′ or 210 square feet. Even a 6,000 btu window unit should handle the job.

We have severe Winter months in Massachusetts so I’d want to seasonably remove that window unit and store the air conditioner in a closet or pantry during the cold months. The Noria unit meets all the criteria and well as being stupid easy to install and uninstall. It’s expected to go on sale in 2017 for $299.

Access to nice cold air on a hot Summer day traditionally means a large and unsightly white box filling your window. But with the Noria Smart Air Conditioner, you can have your chilled air and your window, too. Compact and keeping a low profile, the Nora is s super easy to install and still allows light to come through the window at it stands less than six inches tall. Despite the small size, the concealed fans and ventilation system are quiet yet highly engineered and extremely efficient. The intuitive interface of the Noria is a breeze to use thanks to a smooth dial with clearly marked temperatures. Choose to use Noria at any temperature listed, in fresh air mode just like an open window, or in night mode with dimmed lights. Sleek and modern yet minimal, the Noria is everything you need in a smart air conditioner.

Noria 01

Noria 02


11 thoughts on “A Cool Alternative

    • It’s the perfect size Dianne. I hope to live here forever. The thing I love about it the most is the quiet. Now, with my fan running, I can’t hear a thing going on outside. I love the white noise of a fan running!

  1. Worked as a Home Health Aide in many a senior facility like yours and know what a blessing these apartments can be!

    • It’s 75 right now at 6:30 p.m. We only had a short shower from a passing thunderstorm. Much more is predicted on Sat & Sun. We are in a drought now so I hope we get the soaker they’re predicting. I miss rain! 😦

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