How To Change A Lightbulb

Simple Right! Not quite as simple as you might think. Read here what I must go through to change out the fluorescent light rings that burnt out in my kitchen ceiling fixture.

First, I can’t reach the ceiling to get the old bulbs out of the fixture so I can carry them to my local hardware store for replacements. Before you ask I don’t have a sturdy chair to use and get up there. I’m 260 pounds and wicker seated chairs are not the answer.

So to solve problem #1 I must first stop, build a sturdy footstool that can support my standing on it and be high enough to reach that fixture easily. Pity the man that builds the stool only to find out it’s too short. 😦

Next, making sure the power if off I unplug the bulbs and carefully unsnap them from their retaining clips. We’re dealing with delicate glass here so care is required. 🙂

Now we must wait 3 days until my social security check is deposited so I can afford the cost of said bulbs then return with them and reverse the process to install the new lightbulbs in that fixture, making sure to plug them in properly and not fall off my stool in the process. Ta Da! Nothing to it right? One grown man can change a light bulb in just 3 days plus stool building time. 🙂



12 thoughts on “How To Change A Lightbulb

  1. Light bulb changing is not easy at my house either.Take one nine foot high ceiling and one middle aged scaredy cat who can’t stand on a stepladder unless it’s next to a wall let alone use two hands to unscrew any kind of light bulb and “easy as changing a light bulb” becomes a very hollow phrase.

  2. Sorry to hear you’re cooking in the dark. It’s terrible to think we can’t even take easy change of a lightbulb for granted. Have a good day.

  3. I have a box of bulbs I will gladly donate to you! You met me at the Blackstone Heritage Corridor office. Stop by later this week! — Bonnie

    • These actually are round, circular fluorescent bulbs. By the way, I tried the switch and low and behold the light’s been coming on again ever since. Might have an intermittent starter issue. At least it’s working again. Thanks for the offer though!

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