Serve 2016

There are over 70 teens and adults from across the United States visiting our church this week. They are like exchange students in a way. They come here to serve our community in any way they can. Some are painting our fire hydrants for example. They’re a great bunch of kids and we are treating them accordingly. We have families throughout the church putting them up, feeding them and offering them showers and transportation.

It was an exciting service this morning with all the extra visitors. The church was really packed. They visiting praise and worship team was wonderful. I was asked to be the photographer for this week so I’ll be very busy indeed. I took over 300 photos just this morning. Below are just a few that I’ve finished processing. I go to church each day this week, following around the kids on their service duties and documenting their activity. It will be one busy week for sure.

Gettin Into It 01

Serve 2016 Group 01


8 thoughts on “Serve 2016

    • I already have a great start. Also, it’s raining outside right now and more is forecast for tomorrow. It’s actually 67 outside in the middle of July. Can’t beat that!

    • I’m the one who is blessed by the church, it’s members and the 72 kids helping make this community a better place. They’ve made a huge positive impression with the folks asking for their help. There is hope for this generation.

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