I will always have a place in my heart for family photos. I was once a wedding and family portrait photographer professionally. Wedding photography is a brutal profession that I wouldn’t recommend to a young photographer trying to make his living with his/her camera. I loved portraiture however, as capturing the essence of human being was always a talent I excelled at. Actually I worked at it very hard over a 45 year span. I even worked in a child’s nursery at church for 2 year olds. Now that was educational!

During yesterday Sunday church service I had ample opportunity to “work the crowd”, a saying from my old profession. After 7-8 months of living here and attending services at Pleasant Street Church I’m getting to know a few folks. Below is a portrait of Steve and one of his grandkids. Steve Harringa and his wife, Ruth, were the folks responsible for delivering a van full of furniture to my new apartment. They are some of the kindest and most loving folks I know so it’s no surprise that that are so eagerly involved with the Serve 2016 program. I hope to send Steve & Ruth a couple of the shots I took yesterday.

Steve Herringa & Boy 01

Steve Harringa & Boys 01



2 thoughts on “Generations

    • They are a loving bunch of Christians. Pat, you wouldn’t believe the 72 older teens that are at our church right now. They are working their butts off for nothing just to make a difference. Just one team of 7 did $53,000 work of cleanup work in a park yesterday. It’s an honor to photograph that effort.

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