The Park & Locke Crew

One of the hard working teen crews involved in Serve 2016 worked at the locke and park in Whitinsville. The team of some 14 teens from across the United States came to Pleasant Street Church to give a week’s worth of their labor and love to brighten up our community. The crew, pictured below, did an estimated workload worth $53,000 just yesterday, volunteering their time to lug brush and logs that had accumulated along the river banks at the locke. I climbed that hill to get to the locke and can personally tell you that was a mighty effort using wheelbarrows and two wheeled carts to carry all that refuse up the hill and load it into two dump truck waiting on the road above. Bravo teens!

By the way, there are 72 teens working the Whitinsville area. The 14 at the locke & park were only one of the teams at work every day this week. Today is another day and the teams rotate to the other job sites each day. I’ll be out there all week visiting these sites and capturing the events on camera. More to follow.

Locke & Park Crew 01

Locke & Park Crew 02

Locke & Park Crew 07

Locke & Park Crew 06


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