The Puzzle

Yesterday was a special day for me. I drove around all day with a retired policeman from Whitinsville checking on teen work crews spread all over the county. Each day this week the crews will change job assignments given them by organizations requesting help. Yesterday alone a team of about 7-8 older teens from all across our country cleaned up brush and logs from a park along a river. They did an estimated $53,000 worth of labor is just about a half day’s effort. They are incredible! There were 8 other teams, 72 people strong, that accomplished similar tasks around the county.

Today is the second such day of tasks for the teams to tackle. Each has a team leader from our church driving them to their job and coordinating the effort. The recipients of these chores have been overwhelmed by these hard working young folks. Their energy and enthusiasm have been duly noted and rightfully appreciated. I’ll be out there again as part of a photographic team of 4 photographers covering this whole process.

The last stop we made yesterday was to check out a crew at the Whitinsville Retirement Home in town. There a crew of teens spent the day paint a number of buildings including a gazebo on the property. They were given a tour of the historic facility, meeting and talking with the elderly residents that live their in their own rooms. They were treated royally and even given hand made ice cream as a break treat. In my quick visit there I came across an elderly man who loves picture puzzles. You can see him in the photo below as he tirelessly worked on one puzzle’s completion. The window light was all natural as it rimmed his features. The shot was handheld with a long exposure. I love the results.

So today is another day of shooting on the fly. This week I’ve taken hundreds of photographs and returned home to process them. I’m storing them on my Dropbox account and giving the appropriate people access to the files. That’s the modern way to handle such a big assignment over a week’s worth of shooting. More picture will follow!

The Puzzle

Whitinsville Retirement Home


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