Teen Attack At The Local Fire Dept

Here we go again! Today a crew of visiting teens volunteered to help the Northridge Fire Department test out their engine hoses at a local school parking lot. 1200 feet of hose was rolled out before hooking it all together to the fire hydrant and then to the fire engine’s powerful pump to push that water 1200 feet down the line.

The teens learned how to couple and uncouple the huge hoses as well as work as a team to evacuate the hoses, uncouple them and squeeze the water out of them so they could be returned to their ready position aboard the fire engine.

This task would normally take an entire fire crew hours to accomplish. Our teen volunteers accomplished the job in just over an hour, taking instructions from the fire chief and two firemen. They moved onto the firehouse where they were fed a great lunch before finishing their day cleaning that station. On a similar break in that school parking lot they traversed the perimeter of the ground filling 4 bags with trash laying on the grounds.

Hookin Up The Line

Northridge Engine No 1

How To Uncouple Two Hoses

We Did It By Ourselves

Anchor Woman

How To Roll Up A Hose 01


6 thoughts on “Teen Attack At The Local Fire Dept

    • I’ve actually had some experience there Carolyn. I was an instrument technician for 13 years so I know about all the controls, pumps and valves. My best friend worked at the water plant and I used to go out with him for his weekly fire hydrant flushing. 🙂

    • Long day today. Produce farm for food banks, painting fire hydrants and painting a city block long fence at the retirement home. That’s 3 teams of teens that did a great service for the community. It’s 87 and hot, hot, hot.

    • It’s been a blast! I’m done with my end of the project. I have today’s photos to process and upload to the Dropbox cloud storage where the right people have access to all the pictures. I’ve been told they’re all over facebook.

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