Final Days

It is done! The last of the work projects for Serve 2016 are winding down. I was driven around to 3 different venues yesterday seeing and recording the results of all that community effort put forth by the 72 visiting teens from across the United States and Canada. is the website for one of the venues covered by our teens. This farm exists to grow food for the less privileged in our area. Those who can’t afford healthy fruits and vegetables in their diet get those from the efforts of the workers and volunteers of this wonderful organization. I was with one of our teen teams picking blueberries from a patch yesterday. We collected over 5 gallons of fresh fruit of the highest quality to donate to three local food banks for processing and distribution to those in need.

Next I moved on to Whitinsville where a team of teens was painting all the fire hydrants in town. This was a truly worthwhile project as you can see from the pictures. The hydrant care had been sorely neglected due to lack of funds and manpower in these lean years. The 4-5 teams of teens made it a contest to see how many they could paint during their tour of duty. They laughed and smiled a lot during their shift. I was driven around town by Jack Crawford, a retired police officer who is still deeply involved in community service. Jack is a member of Pleasant Street Christian Reformed Church that I recently joined as well as this year’s sponsor for the teen Serve group.. I’ve been attending services there since moving to Massachusetts in October of 2015. Jack is very knowledgeable about the history of the Whitinsville area so I’ve been getting quite an education on how this historic area came to be along with an extensive tour of the towns surrounding us. Massachusetts played a huge part of the founding colonies of our nation. It is heaped with historical landmarks and important history.

On the final stop of the day Jack returned to las Monday’s project at the Retirement Home of Whitinsville. There teen groups from Serve 2016 have been painting 1/4 mile of fencing along with a gazebo on the beautiful property. I couldn’t believe how long that fence is and that our 72 teens took turns getting it painted with outside oil based paint. The final group to work the grounds were also busy diggin flower beds and removing tree roots and dead branches. What remained was tilled clean soil beds ready for planting.

So this wraps up my final report of this community project carried out by 72 visiting teens from across our country and Canada. Their efforts were duly noted by the sponsoring venues. It’s a sad statement that I’ve not seen one TV or media story on their efforts. It shows you that the media only cares about tragedy, rioting, mass murders and political ambition these days. There’s lots of good news happening right under their noses that isn’t news worthy to them I reckon. 😦




4 thoughts on “Final Days

  1. An interesting story, Bob, and wonderful that the teens are involved in service and having fun. Yes, the media should cover more stories like this. Our idea of “news” is sadly skewed.

  2. Hey Bob tell them about it. You are good at that with a few pictures.?? Maybe they do care if we tell them. We do hear too much negativeness on the news

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