Yellow Daylily

“Never forget to look down at your feet”! I could probably have that statement on my tombstone someday. I preach that philosophy to my photography students constantly. Its basic premise deals with developed powers of observation, crucial to any skilled photographer.

Lots of people take snapshots, especially with their phones these days. They fleeting moments as quick memories of the now. Photographers capture images to preserve a moment for future times when the memory of a time & place can be recalled in vivid detail.

So it is with me, seeing beauty and wishing to share it with everyone. I’ve learned to really appreciate the world around me, to pull myself away from the craziness that the media portrays. I choose to be grateful for what I have, what I can do personally and who gave me my talents along with a beautiful world to enhance my life.

So I show you just a snippet of a walk taken on a day with the sun shining and the world bustling around us. I choose to take this moment to appreciate God’s gifts to me.

Yellow Daylily 01


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