New Mattress, Frame & Sheets

Real honest to goodness sheets have arrived last night and they are on the bed. I’m complete! No more sleeping on hardwood floors or hot microfiber blankets for sheets. In full disclosure the new sheets are microfiber as well but very thin in comparison to the blankets. Plus, everything is made for a twin bed now. No more yards of extra material wrapped around a tiny mattress. I should be nice and cozy from now on. I stuck with my blue theme in my bedroom as blue is my favorite color.

Making the bed was easy as the metal frame and mattress are very light and the whole bed slides on the hardwood floor with barely a nudge. As I sit here looking at it it’s a thing of beauty, and comfort! Yea! Next challenge please?

New Bed New Sheets


6 thoughts on “New Mattress, Frame & Sheets

    • When you have limited room like I have you must keep it neat. I made the bed with the new sheets and quickly took this photograph before I messed it up. I haven’t the skill yet to do it with Photoshop! πŸ™‚

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