Rumors Of My Death Are False

I thought I’d better post something before the security folks break down my door. I’ve been running around the state the past few days making it to VA clinics, actually the same clinic. It’s the latest edition to the modernization of the VA medical facilities in Worcester, MA. They now have a Podiatrist, two optometrists, and a hearing lab all located in a brand new 3 story building on Plantation Street, just a few blocks from the older clinic with other labs, doctors, and mental health professionals. The main testing lab and pharmacy are still in the old building as well.

I’ve had my eyes tested thoroughly as well as a routine visit to my podiatrist who trims my nails, treat my feet for ingrown toenails and carves off a planter’s wart on my left foot. I came away with a new pair of walking shoes on order along with a new pair of frames and lenses from my eye care people. Everything is at no cost to me. I even got my old/new glasses adjusted to fit properly. They arrived in mid-October shortly after I moved here. They will make an excellent backup pair when my new prescription arrives in two weeks.

We’ve been suffering through a heat wave here in Massachusetts for the past two weeks. I’ve been hibernating with just a fan, trying not to melt in the 95 degree high humidity. The humidity has dropped from 70% to 40% and 55 degrees this morning. I’ve got the windows open and my fan turned off. It’s wonderfully cool and dry. We do really need rain. There’s rain forecast in the next 4-5 days.  I wish it would pour all day long as we need it desperately.

So sorry for not posting more lately. After last week’s daily trip to photograph those 72 teens I needed a break. I know I haven’t been to the zoo in weeks either but I just don’t care right now. I need some R&R from my retirement schedule. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Rumors Of My Death Are False

    • Volunteer work can take its toll. I had a VA guard I met yesterday call me to ask me to photograph his wedding. He wasn’t too happy that I told him I’m retired from commercial work.

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