A Blast From The Past

Every family keeps a set of photos from when their kids were young. Going through my archives I stumbled across this keeper that included my favorite motorcycle as well as my 2 year old great nephew, Ethan Davila. Ethan always loved his “Uncle Bob” as well as my motorcycles. As soon as he heard me pulling in for a visit to my sister’s house he’d be out the door to see me and the bike. He loved to sit on it especially! Notice he’s still in diapers, around 2 years old at the time. Now he’s about 19 and all grown up. Shown below is a picture of him in his ROTC uniform holding a picture of his grandfather when he was in the military. It’s a proud moment for sure. I sent my sister, his grandmother, the photo of Ethan on my motorcycle. She can use it for blackmail! LOL


Ethan 10


2 thoughts on “A Blast From The Past

    • I don’t know. We no longer keep in touch. Even their mother, Suzanne, has chosen to break off contact. Should I go through with that week long visit to South Carolina in September I have no interest in visiting with anyone but my sister, Barb.

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