Conrad Passes Away At The Oregon Zoo

I was sad to receive a notice from YouTube about the passing of Conrad.

Published on Jul 21, 2016

Conrad, a 31-year-old polar bear at the Oregon Zoo considered to be the oldest male in North America, passed away July 21. Zoo vets made the decision to euthanize him after it became clear he was declining and would not be able to recover.

Conrad inspired millions of zoo visitors and made significant contributions to Arctic conservation science. He was a true ambassador for his counterparts in the Arctic.

Conrad and his sister, Tasul, are the oldest polar bears in captivity. I will miss Conrad!

Conrad B&W 2

Conrad B&W

Polar Express


7 thoughts on “Conrad Passes Away At The Oregon Zoo

    • Portland has so many senior animals that are setting records already. I hope the zoo management starts acquiring new, younger animals before we face the situation we did with the passing of the zebras. By the way Southwick Zoo has plenty of zebras and added one more with the birth of a young one.

  1. Pat, I would love to take you to the Zoo. Contact Bob for my email address if you have his email contact address. If not, we will figure out another way to be in touch.

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