Woodworking: Scrabble Coasters

I’ve been developing new woodworking projects that could provide me with simple but unique Christmas presents. I’ve come up with all sorts of ideas to try, determining the best looking, least expensive hand made gifts folks might enjoy.

Drink coasters are nifty little gifts that everybody uses. They can be made utilitarian, attractive and tailored to the individual. A set of coaster displaying hall of fame golfers, baseball stars or Rio olympic athletes would be special to a sports fan. How about coasters made up of scrabble pieces? I happen to know a crafts person who loves scrabble. A set of 4 coaster with different 4 or 3 letter words on it would be unique.

There are two ways to approach the scrabble coaster idea, glue the letters on a thin piece of Baltic plywood and coat the coaster with a protective coating or photograph the scrabble words and transfer the color photograph to the Baltic  plywood directly. I like the last idea best because it isn’t as messy and would require the purchase of wooden Scrabble pieces to glue on wood. The photo transfer of scrabble words only require a cheap color photo copy of the individual coasters and some Mod Podge glue/sealer/finish to transfer the photo of the scrabble tiles directly to the wooden coaster. It’s all good and not very expensive.

I happen to have 24 1 ft squares of Baltic plywood in my apartment. I can make a dozen 4″x4″ coasters out of every sheet. I’ve got a public library with a color photo copier less than a quarter mile from my apartment. I might have to give this a try just for the fun of it.

Now keep in mind you can dream up 3 and 4 letter words to places on these coasters. I can make them up like the one below in photoshop. They look authentic because they will be authentic when transferred onto wood.

Scrabble Square



6 thoughts on “Woodworking: Scrabble Coasters

    • I’ll let you know how they work out after I get the Mod Podge and make one. Of course, there will be pictures. LOL I’ve got myself a nice sunny, cool day today. It’s only 79 right now with lower humidity. Yea!

  1. What a brilliant idea!!! And if you decide to do some for sure, figure out what you’d need to charge for them, and maybe some of your readers could order some from you. I know you’re thinking about them to give as gifts yourself, but since we love your pictures, this would be a way to enjoy them or share them with others.

    • Still have to make a few to see how much effort and cost in supplies is involved. I want them to be perfect before I think of selling them. I could be the next Donald Tru….. NOT!!!!! LOL

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