News Of More Blessings

At Sunday services yesterday one of the men in my bible study approached me with an offer I couldn’t refuse. He was cleaning his garage and spotted a 5,000 btu window air conditioner sitting on a shelf that had been removed and stored after he had central air put in his house. Rather than donate it to Goodwill he brought it to me in his van for use in my apartment. I had brought up in conversation that I was saving my money for a small air conditioner for my public housing unit. He decided I could make immediate use of it.

It’s sitting in the back of my SmartCar waiting for me to bring it inside after cleaning the filter and outside of the unit. I have just the window for it in front of my entrance door. I’ll look up the make and model online to get the owner’s manual as well as installation instructions. I’ve got plenty of tools and lots of spare wood should I need some bracing and/or a shelf. Praise the Lord! He does provide our needs! I will now be looking for a new home for the great fan I’ve been using. It too was provided by a neighbor. 🙂



12 thoughts on “News Of More Blessings

    • I am wonderfully cool morning as I write this. You may not approve of my location however as I’ve been attacked by diarrhea this morning so I’m sticking close to home and closer to my bathroom. I’m on that throne as I type. LOL

  1. That’s the exact same unit I have in my bedroom window! I love that air conditioner. So much, in fact, that when my daughter needed a window AC for the bedroom in her new house, we bought that same unit for her. It can be 90 degrees outside, but my room is always a comfy 68 degrees – perfect for sleeping.

  2. I so happy for you!!! I have had a major computer problem…HUGE. My computer had to be wiped clean, thanks heaven’s for Carbonite Cloud which has been restoring stuff and photos for nearly 3 weeks and has 1 more week to go … maybe. So I’m not doing much except for Take good care and enjoy your air conditioner!

    • I will. I had my iMac crash the first week I arrived in Massachusetts, Oct 3, 2015. It cost me over $400 to get it fixed. My issue was a free Apple upgrade to El Capitan. Yeah, free! 😦

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