I Have Air

I answered a call to the office this afternoon to sign some routine paperwork. While there I asked the manager if I could have our maintenance guys give me a hand installing the 6,500 btu window air conditioner I’d been given by one of my bible class members. Not only did she immediately write up a work order but the young man who would do it walked in the office while the order was being written. He was handed the order and followed me back to my apartment. Ten minutes later it was done.

It seems it’s their policy to install all air conditioners to assure it’s done properly. This man certainly knew what he was doing. I did have to give him two self-tapping weather resistant screws as the ones he had with him wouldn’t penetrate that window sill. I loaned him my square shank drill/driver to zip them in as his rechargable drill was equipped with a phillips head bit. No problem. He was in and out in 10 minutes and my air conditioner is happily cooling my unit. Thank you Lord!

Air Conditioner Installed


7 thoughts on “I Have Air

    • God’s timing is always perfect. Today is my sister’s birthday as well as the day my social security check gets deposited. Again, right on time. I have 30 cents in my pocket and a completely empty refrigerator. I do have enough milk left to make oatmeal for breakfast. I always have just enough food to survive. LOL

    • He couldn’t get the screws he brought with him to penetrate the metal window sill. I had to crack open a box of outdoor treated self tapping screws for him. They use a square drive screwdriver bit that he didn’t have so I loaned him my new driver drill with the proper square bit in it. The only thing I didn’t do was pull the trigger for him. 🙂 Still, he lifted the 40 pound air conditioner in the window and held it there until he drove those two screws.

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