Entering Contests

My sister sent me a link to a Facebook sponsored photo contest. I checked it out and saw there was a $1,000 first prize. The first thing this site wanted was my email address. I quickly left the site.

First, I dislike anything to do with Facebook. They have a woefully dismal reputation for selling or outright stealing your personal information. I am NOT a Facebook member nor will I ever be. The only photo contests I contribute to are locally run by reputable organizations such as the Blackstone Valley Historical Society. They are a nonprofit government society promoting the historical  significance of our small New England area. I trusted them with an entry photograph recently.

You all have seen thousands of my photographs posted on this blog site. I am proud of my life’s work and feel these photos would stand up to anyone’s in a fair contest. Unfortunately there are few such contests around where they even judge the photos on their own merit. I generally don’t participate in 95% of them. I look for little ones where the grand prize is getting your winning photo on an quarterly issue of some association’s magazine handout to farmer’s markets. Now they’re not out to fleece you.



18 thoughts on “Entering Contests

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  2. I understand your resistance with Facebook, honesty any company sells your personal information, also your bank. Data has much more value than gold or any core business of a company.

    But how do you feel about photo contest in general. It seems fine and innocent, however they get to use thousands of photos, reach great audience with their contest marketing, and the price they pay for it is very small. Give someone a Nikon or Canon camera as a price and they get to keep a lot of photos that photographers work hard for. The best artists I know consider this a cheap way to exploit artists. How do you feel about that?

    Keep on shooting and enjoying!

    Warm regards,

    • I’ve been a photographer for 45 years and entered many contests. Few photographers realize they must read the small print about rights to the photos they submit to the judges. Until your work quality reaches pro quality it shouldn’t concern the entrant. I’ve found my published work everywhere on the internet and published work, without my permission. It’s hard to control rights unless you have the means to go after thieves legally.

      • Hi Bob! If you aspire to become a professional photographer the small prints matter. But yeah, work that has been put online gets copied and used inappropriately. That’s why I never upload HQ pictures, only low solution files.


    • What sealed the deal for me was watching the movie that came out about the founder of Facebook. The way he was portrayed as using everyone in his life to climb the corporate ladder, including his best friend and girlfriend, turned me off completely.

      • I’m a person to person communicator. If I must communicate to to keep in touch. I write, email or call on the phone. Long distance calling costs nothing these days.

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