Oregon Zoo To Get Baby Nora

It was good news to learn that the Oregon Zoo will be getting baby Nora, a polar bear cub from the Columbus Zoo. Watch the YouTube video below to learn more.

Nora, the young polar bear who has captivated much of the country since her birth at the Columbus Zoo last November, is moving to the Oregon Zoo this fall. An official date for this Arctic ambassador’s West Coast debut has not been set, but visitors may be able to see Nora in her new home as early as mid-October.

Nora was born on Nov. 6, 2015, at the Columbus Zoo. Her mother initially provided maternal care, but after about a week she left the cub unattended in the den for prolonged periods of time. At that point, the Columbus Zoo care team made the difficult decision to hand-rear the cub and began providing around-the-clock care. Nora weighed about 1 pound when the care team began raising her; she now weighs more than 150.

On a side note the Oregon Zoo may have plans to increase its collection of polar bears. Heavily involved in animal conservation it already had plans for a new polar bear habitat in its budget. With the passing of Conrad recently the only remaining polar bear at the Oregon Zoo is Conrad’s twin sister, Tasul, who is very old. It makes sense that the zoo has begun adding new, young bears to the group. Look for more of these transactions to occur as they progress with their master plan.


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