Zawadi Printing: The Breakdown

I have a number of photographs that are on my wish list to mount and hang on my apartment walls. It’s a small apartment, basically 10’x20′ that make up the living room and bedroom areas. One of the walls in that main room is a brick wall, very attractive and natural brick. The hardwood flooring creaks but then again, it’s the real McCoy not Pergo or some vinyl, wood looking product of dinosaur  fossils. That being said just know that I love my little home and want to decorate it with a few large photographs from my collection.

One of my favorite pictures is a closeup of Zawadi Mungu, the magnificent male lion at the Oregon Zoo. I’ve seen him mature over the 10 years I spent in Oregon to become the king of his jungle. He has sired 6 cubs by two adult lionesses that are part of his pride. No one knew what his reaction would be when the first three female cubs were born and introduced to their father. He was a natural, taking them under his wing, teaching them how to snarl. I have a treasured photo of Zawadi giving one of his young daughters a love bite on her neck while drawing her closer to him. Skin was not penetrated yet the sight of his gigantic incisors on her neck would make the feint of heart pull away, sure that he was about to do her in.

So it is that I’ve chosen my favorite Zawadi portrait as my first artwork in my new home. I have the 20″x30″ print on it’s way to me from the Costco photo center I used to frequent while living in Portland. With shipping that large print worked out to cost me about $15. I found a cheap source of foam art board at the Dollar Tree. You guessed it, the boards cost just $1 each. Next came the spray adhesive I’ll be using to affix the print to the artboard. The 3M Super 77 spray adhesive is in the mail. The 10.7 oz. can cost me $8.97 and will handle over a dozen large prints. I discovered this morning that my local Lumber/Hardware store, Koopman’s, carries an ever bigger can for just $10 plus tax, making it a 1/4 mile to buy more should I need more. I bought a roll of blue painter’s tape from Koopman’s for that mounting project at around $7 a roll.

Although the total spent for this photograph’s mounting seems like a lot the bulk of the expenses is for materials that will mount many other pictures to my walls. It’s an investment toward the future. I have 3 20″x30″ foam core boards waiting for pictures. I could easily fill the walls of 10-20 apartments with different photographs in each location. Some local here have suggested I find a gallery to display my work. If I had the available cash to print and mount that many picture I’d love to fill a gallery’s wall with my animal portraits. If it ever happens I’ll let you know.

Zawadi Mungu

Zawadi Closeup #1

Zawadi Love Bite

Zawadi Love Bite


3 thoughts on “Zawadi Printing: The Breakdown

  1. Being a cat lover, I find your choice of the lion prints to be a wonderful addition to your apartment. Love your brick wall…brings so much warmth and charm to a small space!

    • I just got an email saying my lion print has shipped from Costco. I wasn’t sure I could still order from there in Oregon as I no longer have a membership. Evidently it doesn’t matter. That is very cool!

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