“It’s In The Mail”

My first 20″x30″ lion print is in the mail and soon to arrive. I’ve purchased 4 more 20″x30″ foam core mounting boards at $1 each. That sure beats the price of a glassed in picture frame of that size. I’m selecting more photographs to put on foam core boards in the near future. Since the supplies to do the mounting have already been purchased the actual prints will be my only cost, for a while. When the lion print is mounted and hanging on my living room wall there will be a two photo set of square Orangutan portraits of Kumar and Kutai, Kumar being the new kid on the block at 10 years old and Kutai having passed away at 20. We all miss Kutai.

It’s a shame Costco Photo doesn’t have larger prints available in square format. 12″ is as big as they go at $3.95 apiece. I’ll be sure to purchase a number of 12×12 prints at one time to hold down the shipping costs. I’d love a 20″x20″ square format of each of the ape shots. I’ll work on that possibility even if I must use another print source.

Kumar & Kutai



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