I Did It Again

I’ve talked many times about entering photo contests. I pick my entries carefully because in general, the contests are rigged. They’re either after your personal data, your photos for their own use or you never stood a chance because an insider for the organization was hand picked with no regard to the quality of the entrant’s submissions. I’ve fallen victim to all three scams.

I entered one of my Uxbridge photographs taken the first month I lived here. I personally like this photo enough to have it made into a picture puzzle and given as a Christmas gift to my landlord, Marilyn Armstrong. I entered this same photo in the Blackstone River & Canal Calendar contest with Blackstone Heritage Corridor, Inc. Darn if I didn’t win! If you’ll notice this same photo has by my blog header since I moved here, another sign that I liked it! 🙂

Congratulations, Robert!

One of your photos has been chosen for our 2017 calendar! Your photo “Blackstone River & Canal” will be our October photo.

 As a winner, you will receive 6 free calendars and will be recognized during our celebration event in October. The date has yet to be set, but we will keep you posted with the details.

 Once again, congratulations on the win!

 All the Best,

Stephanie Begin

Administrative Assistant

 BHC wheel

Blackstone Heritage Corridor, Inc.

A Walk In The Park #4


11 thoughts on “I Did It Again

    • From what I was told last Fall was not a good year for the Autumn color yet I manage to capture this scene in spite of the usual brilliance. I hope to do better this Fall.

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