Selfie With New Glasses

I hate taking my own portrait. I never did learn to smile on command. About the only thing that will bring out a chuckle is seeing a republican with his/her hand stuck in a garbage disposal. (I’ve got to stop making sick Republican jokes or I’ll lose half my best friends!)

Anyway here’s a mug shot of me wearing my new glasses and frames. It’s been heavily Photoshopped to protect the eyes of the innocent and small kids! My complexion looks like it was smoothed out with a red brick. LOL

Thank you all for your comments on the new glasses. I decided to go back 6 months and do a side by side comparison to the selfie I took wearing my older glasses. It immediately struck me that I’ve lost a bit of weight since that first shot. It’s amazing the difference 10 pounds can make.

Bob's Glasses 02



12 thoughts on “Selfie With New Glasses

  1. You look good in these glasses. Your hai is different from what you used to have. I like it. I would say you are handsome, but will not do that.

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