Zawadi On A Summer’s Day

I was really surprised to receive an email from National Geographic stating that someone has contacted them desiring to purchase one of my photographs. All his contact information along with his specific requirements were included. I left a phone message as well as sending him an email explaining the process and price I’m asking for the 11.75″ x 24″ canvas gallery print he requested. That’s a very customized size so I needed to crop the original to his exact needs and save the results to a renamed file. In the email I sent him I attached a low resolution version of the cropped file. He should have no problem getting the photograph printed as a gallery wrap canvas print. I suggested to do the work. They are a quality lab dealing with professional needs. I feel they could handle the custom size for around $100 and have excellent shipping practices that really take care of the finished product. I’ve used them for my custom work before.

So it would seem that my photographic work has begun to be recognized, whether as a winner of a calendar contest or National Geographic. I like the way NG handled this transaction, keeping my personal information private and leaving the details of a potential sale up to me.

The print below is the custom cropped version I’ve sent to my customer.

Zawadi On A Sunny Day 72dpi


14 thoughts on “Zawadi On A Summer’s Day

  1. Hey! This is great! Ian very excited for you. We know you are a very good photographer and glad you are recognized. There are many others that think so too, but do not want to purchase any pictures. Wow!

    • The deal is done. The man bought the rights to make a mural for the inside of his van. The cool part is that he’s a National Geographic photographer with many trips to Africa. He said he could never get a shot that good and wanted mine for the inside of his van.

  2. The recognition is great especially if it leads to more sales but the gas money being available for your trip must be a relief. Have fun!

    • I just picked it out of a hat. Took me 10 minutes to custom crop the image and maximize the resolution to 300 dpi. Attached it to his email after being notified by PayPal that I’d received that $50. Quick, easy money!

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