If there’s anything you can count on in life it’s change. Nothing stays the same forever, change is inevitable!

I’m beginning to wrap up the logistics of my upcoming road trip to see my sister in Aiken, SC. I haven’t seen her in 11-12 years since moving from Aiken to Portland, OR to take a job with Intel Corp. Fast forward 10 years and again I was forced to move, this time in retirement to Uxbridge, MA where I now live.

My stay in SC is planned for a week, spending it mostly being entertained by my lovely sister, Barb. She is 77 and lives in the home where she and her husband raised 4 girls, all grown now with families of their own. My sister has many grandchildren and great grandchildren.

I contacted my good friend, Marion, who lives close by to my sister in North Augusta, SC. That’s just down the road a piece from my last residency along Ascauga Lake Road in Graniteville, SC, the town where we both worked at the textile mill for 13 years.

Everything has changed. The textile mill no longer exists. The owner closed the doors of 13 mills in 4 states in the South in 2006, laying off thousands of long term workers. That particular company had existed for 150 years. They’re gone! So is my favorite little mom & pop restaurant in Graniteville, SC,  The Hard Hat Cafe. It’s been closed now for years due to the mill closing and severe recession. Even it’s replacement, Ruby’s Cafe, has come and gone.

I checked another favorite restaurant in Blackville, SC called Miller’s Bread Basket, a mennonite restaurant with the best home cooking anywhere. They too have sold their business and retired. The restaurant still exists but under new ownership.

So if I get together with good old Marion for a trip down memory lane it will need to be at a place new to me. I’ll find out the details of all the changes in the area. My sister has already warned me of growth in the area as well as many changes. Change is inevitable!



11 thoughts on “Change

  1. How exciting to re-connect with your sister and friend after all these years. You will make new memories in new places. Stay safe and enjoy!

    • I’ve never broken contact with my real friends. I consider myself blessed to have friends all over the world. Thank goodness for email and free long distance phone calls.

  2. I know how excited you are. When I went back where I grew up I didn’t even recognized the area close to my home there. Streets wider and just about all businesses were different. Almost in a strange town. Be thinking of you and your soon trip to make.

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