Around The Yard

I know it’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything but that’s the way life is right now. I’m getting ready for my drive to South Carolina, taking care of car maintenance as well as wrapping up VA tests and drug refills.

Our Summer heat wave has been broken by the appearance of a couple of tropical depressions, storms and low level hurricanes. It’s 60 degrees and wonderful outside at 9:00 a.m. in the morning this Saturday. I sat outside for a few minutes this morning, something I haven’t done in many weeks. I noticed my neighbor’s gardens producing some 15 foot high sunflowers so I decided to capture a few for my blog this morning. The critters are still out everywhere, fattening up for the Fall and Winter to come. This was a record hot and dry Summer according to local weather reports so I’m not sure I’m ready to wish we had Winter here. Last year was pretty mild for New England Winters so locals aren’t wishing us snow at any depth.

So here are a few photos captured this morning between chores. It’s still overcast but dry to this point. There will be some heavy duty rains heading our way Sunday and Monday. I’m ready!

Chipmunk 09

Chipmunk 10

Bouquet 01

Orange Sunflower 01

11 thoughts on “Around The Yard

  1. Those rascals are sure adorable aren’t they. Not easy to catch them because they are not still for long. Wish I could give you apples as they are overflowing with branches touching the ground.

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