Another Uxbridge Keeper

As I drive around my new home I spot potential scenes for photography. I call them “Kodak Moments”. As I’m leaving Uxbridge city limits on the way to Whitinsville I see this overpass with a great looking bridge and killer sunrises. I stopped there this morning, parked my car and walked to the overpass to take a few test shots for another calendar quality scenic photograph. I named the shot “Sunrise On The Mumford”, meaning the Mumford River. I like the way it turned out so after processing I saved it to its full frame size of 12″ x 8″ at 300 dpi. I think I’ll be spending the $1.50 for an 12″x8″ at Costco’s photo center. Of course I’ll bundle it with additional prints to keep the postage costs down. I think I can find a spot of my walls for this picture, mounted on black foam board with an appropriately sized black mat around it. Let me know if you like the finished result.

By the way, there is a solo swan on the water in the picture. I’ve enlarged the area I spotted it in when I was processing the picture. There’s no way I could see it there with the naked eye when taking the shot. It’s a bonus addition to the shot.

Sunrise On The Mumford 01

Sunrise On The Mumford 01b




8 thoughts on “Another Uxbridge Keeper

  1. I had to enlarge the picture to see the swan. I love the reflection in the water and the sun and the looking quiet in the early morning. Yes, that wood look good on a wall.

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