First Photo Gracing My Walls

The photo seen below is the first photograph mounted and displayed on the walls of my new home. Maybe that will cause me to actually remain here for many years to come. If possible I’d like to make this my “forever” home. It’s one of the reasons I sought out public housing to begin with, stability.

I have 6 more animal prints waiting for mounting, matting, framing and hanging. I have the prints, supplies, tools and substrates to hang them all. Now I just await nice weather to take the job outside where I must work to get them all finished.

5 of the prints are 12″x12″ and fit perfectly on the Russian Baltic Birch Plywood squares I have awaiting them. My first finished artwork is mounted on such a medium. The 3M 77 spray adhesive if quite toxic so must be applied outside and set up for 30 seconds before being mounted. I want to mount others to thick beveled foam board and either hang directly or placed in a wooden frame. I need to build and finish these frames. Since the photos are all uniform in size I want to make 3-6 uniform frames to go with them or future shots I have printed. Again, the frame building is an outside job.

So I know this is just one picture but there must be a first, a beginning to every project. I hope to grace my walls with many more. I used 3M Command picture strips to handle the plywood substrate to the wall. Two strips easily support the weight and can be removed without damage to the wall in seconds.



6 thoughts on “First Photo Gracing My Walls

    • I have it attached to the pegboard room divider. It sits over my computer desk/table. I’ll ad 4-5 more before I’m done. I have many more that I want printed and hanging all over my apartment. They will have to await my return from my roadtrip as every penny is frozen until my return safely.

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