“Living High On The Hog”

Ok, so it’s an old saying whose origin is dubious at best. It simply means I’m moving up in the world and doing better. After 6 months of living in my public housing unit I now have a brand new temperature knob for my ancient GE Hotpoint range. To date I’ve only turned that oven on once to try and make a cardboard frozen pizza. Because I had to guess at the temperature with a dial without numbers I burnt it badly in just 15 minutes. Stubbornly I ate it anyway but have not used that oven since. The work order that was created all those months ago was finally completed when one of the maintenance guys came over with a new light bulb for my kitchen ceiling light fixture. He handled both work orders at the same time. Woo Hoo!



5 thoughts on ““Living High On The Hog”

  1. Maybe the public housing people don’t send maintenance people out unless there are a certain number of repairs needed in the complex. I think I’d have checked back a few times in 6 months.

    • I’m a patient man. Since I have a new convection toaster over that I owned before I moved into public housing I’ve been using that instead of the old hotpoint oven. My convection oven is faster and more efficient so it wasn’t an issue or priority to get a temperature knob. It may prove beneficial to me in the future and especially for the person who occupies this unit after I’m gone.

    • It’s just one of many reasons I love it here. I just spend two hours talking to one of my neighbors down the sidewalk. I know half a dozen folks so far and carry on running conversations with them.

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