In The “You Never Know” File

I received a long distance phone call from a lady I met over two years ago somewhere in the Portland area. I don’t remember her but she remembered me because she kept my business card and used it to call me. She said we had a conversation two years ago about digital cameras as I showed her my tablet collection of animal portraits. It seems I made an impression on her as she is finally ready to buy a better camera and called to find out which one I would recommend to her. I explained my experience with Nikon & Canon and that I’d discovered my Fuji X-E1 mirrorless cameras took superior quality picture to the two biggest sellers. I explained how Coke & Pepsi control the soft drink market without necessarily being the best soft drinks out there. Nikon & Canon spend a lot of advertising dollars promoting their brands. That doesn’t make them the best, IMHO.

So I gave her the details of what a good Fuji X-E1 can still be had for and recommended to steal one for $689. The lens alone is $699. 🙂

I explained she better grab one of the few new ones still for sale. I just checked and that deal is still out there but they’re showing only 2 left in stock. I have no way of knowing if the lady that called me got one. Her loss if she hesitated. I have two! 🙂




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