Time Is Flying By

I look at the date on my computer screen in amazement at how fast time moves along.It’s Monday morning already with my roadtrip just 3 days away. I can’t believe it has been three days since I last entered a post here. Somehow my life is changing as well as my priorities.

I haven’t been to the zoo in months as I’ve spent most of my time at home just surviving this Summer’s record heat, drought and humidity. Remember, I spent the previous 10 years living in the Pacific Northwest with a much milder climate. Granted, my last Summer in Portland I experienced the hottest Summer on record as well. Global warming is for real folks.

Today is laundry day. I have just one load to do but it takes just as much time as doing my normal two loads. I’ll be packing my travel bag after the laundry is dry rather than hanging the clothes in my closet. I’ll be gone a week so basically I’ll carry 5-7 shirts, sock and undies. My sister already reminded me of her washer and dryer being available for use before returning home. That sure beats stuffing dirty clothes in a travel bag.

The weather forecast looks exceptionally perfect for Thursday’s departure. The high should be 70 with the low dropping to 49. It’s still quite hot in South Carolina so my Summer clothes are appropriate. My long term planning for the time of this trip seems to be working out beautifully. I’ll be in between hurricanes, heat waves and snowfall. 🙂

I’ll be carrying my camera gear on the trip so I can capture part of the journey. I’m staying away from super slab driving by taking the inland route to South Carolina. There will be plenty of driving through beautiful mountain roads like I-77 through Virginia. I look forward to it. I’ll have my Nexus 7 tablet with me and wi-fi available at my sister’s home so I may put up a post or two while away. See you on the road! Leaving Thursday morning.


12 thoughts on “Time Is Flying By

  1. Have a safe trip and wonderful visit with your sister, Bob! Will be looking forward to seeing your pictures…..always found Virginia to be a beautiful state to travel through!

  2. Oh, I’m SOOOOOOO jealous! I do love traveling through the Smokies. And I remember one particular trip through West Virginia that was all hills and curves and lots of fun. You’ll take loads and loads of pictures, I’m sure. Can’t wait to see them.

    • I traveled by motorcycle the last trip to West Virginia to visit the family of one of our members. They treated 6 of us to a full Thanksgiving dinner.

      The folks in those mountains are extremely poor, with work almost impossible to find. This family made charcoal from fallen trees the dragged to their home. It was a memorable trip.

    • Although I appreciate the cooler weather my little SmartCar has great air conditioning that I’m sure to need when I arrive in South Carolina. Remember, I lived there for 13 years before moving to Portland, OR for 10 years. I retired there in 2010 after the fab that I was working in for Intel Corp. It was obsolete not suffering from a lack of customers. Intel survived the recession quite well because of their diversity.

  3. Have a wonderful trip. What surprised me the first time back to Illinois was how things changed. Suppose you will be surprised also. But not the scenery! Excited for you.

    • I’ve already discovered so much has changed due to the recession and textile mills closing. In a way I was blessed to get lain off and relocate to Portland, OR with a good job that set me up for retirement.

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