Final Preparations

gone-fishingTime is winding down for my vacation road trip. I’ve been taking care of the small details the past few days, getting a haircut and visiting the Senior Center in Uxbridge to meet with old friends. My one year anniversary date of October 3rd will be here shortly after I return from my trip. Hard to believe I’ve lived in Uxbridge a full year already.

It’s great fun having friends all over the country. Living most of my life in the Midwest followed by 13 years in South Carolina and 10 years in Portland, Oregon creates a list of friends made for life. My email list grows exponentially. Throw in a few hundred blogging friends that are regulars and there’s never a dull moment in my life.

I’ve already said goodbye to my new church friends as they know why I’ll be gone for nearly two weeks. A lot of people are praying for a safe trip and return. I’m almost completely packed, having done a final load of laundry yesterday. I even managed to squeeze in lunch at the Senior Center and getting a fresh haircut.

Today there’s a trip to the Dollar Tree for a manual toothbrush and travel snacks. My little cooler is ready as are the tiny bottles of water and ice packs. It’s only a two day drive so I can refreeze those packs in the motel when I stop for the night. I love it when a plan comes together.

Wednesday, the final day before departure, I’ll spend topping off my gas tank and checking tire pressures one final time. With the return to cooler weather that’s an automatic chore, especially before a long road trip. Then it’s just a matter of packing all the non-perishables into the back of my SmartCar so that I can leave early Thursday morning just before sunrise at 6 a.m.. My cooler and camera bag will be placed on my passenger set and I’ll activate my gps travel plan before hitting the road out of town.

I’ll try and get as many pictures along the way as I can. I need to cover 500 miles each day so I don’t plan to stop long in any location. There will be shots taken as I drive. See you when I return in 10 days or so. It’s a flexible itinerary, one of the advantages of being single and retired.


14 thoughts on “Final Preparations

  1. Wishing you well and a safe trip. Have a blessed visit with your sister and probably Marion also. I will be thinking of you.
    God’s Blessings, Pat

  2. I hope the “pictures taken as I drive” part means when you stop for a minute and snap a picture — not “while” you’re actually driving. (Just kidding, of course. I know you’re smarter than that, but recently I saw a picture from a FB friend that I’d almost swear he had to take while actually moving on his motorcycle. It’s a scary thought.)

  3. By the way, October 3rd is also my anniversary of moving to a new town and a new home about 18 years ago. Well, I had actually lived here before, but it had been at least 18 years since I had left.

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