First Family Photo

I started taking pictures yesterday of my family members. At the top of that list would have to be Blanka, a Lab/Rottie mix that is the sweetest puppy on earth. We hit it off at first sight. She’s been by my side constantly since that moment.

There are four other pets that some people would call cats. Chubby, Eli & Pixie are all loving animals that basically run the household. I missed the fourth cat so I don’t know its name yet. My first night I discovered Eli likes to sleep under my bed. I didn’t know this when I retired for the night but soon heard purring along with a thump on my bed when he jump up there to get closer to me. Chubbs is always next to me in the living room when I’m sitting on the couch. He prefers the armrest to my right as he demands constant petting.

Once Blanka has her share of attention she settles down on her own couch which is where she was when I captured the picture seen below. I spent a full day working on my sister’s laptop removing obsolete software and installing new AVG security software on her computer. I then began the process of downloading Adobe Photoshop and Bridge graphics software. My sister struggles with most computer tasks so unknown to me she hadn’t completed the download and setup of Photoshop that I bought her as a Christmas gift last year. I suppose that’s what brothers are for! 🙂

No everything is running smoothly and I can begin teaching Barb how to use Photoshop, or should I say how to use the tutorials that are supplied for free with her subscription. I’ve been using the software for nearly 20 years and I’m still learning all the time.

So enjoy this first photo of Blanka and know that I’m quite busy having fun helping my sister around the house. Today I load new line in her weed whacker, repair a sticky bathroom door and go shopping. What fun!



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