Sweet Kitty

My vacation is going marvelously. Today is church time as I join my sister in attending services at her church. There will be plenty of introductions along with reunions with members of my old church that no longer exists. In my 13 years of living in Aiken I made plenty of church friends, some of whom I’m sure to see today, eleven years older. That should prove to be interesting.

I’ll be carrying my Nexus 7 tablet so I’ve got plenty of pictures to share if the opportunity presents itself. I look forward to meeting this church’s new pastor as Barb has spoken highly of him.

Yesterday was chore day. I managed to fix my sister’s garbage disposal, weed whacker and a sticky bathroom door. Barb is still raving about having her disposal work fine again. It’s been broken for many months.

I still have lots of training to do teaching my sister the basics of Photoshop. We also have a major project to accomplish using Photoshop. We’ll be copying Barb’s wedding photos so she can take them off the wall. Her first husband passed away and she has remarried so this will allow new photos to be mounted in the same space.

In the meantime I’m happily snapping away, trying to capture good images of everything. Goodness time is flying. I’ll only be here a week and have so very much to do. I’ve accomplished a lot already but there’s 6 years of neglect to deal with in the remaining 4 days I have here. I’m hooking up with my best friend, Marion, on Wednesday and spending that day with him. He and his new wife, Mae, drove to Oregon and spent 3-4 days with me as I showed them the wondrous scenery in Oregon.

So below I’m posting two pictures of Pixie. She can’t meow but she sort of squeaks. It’s very cute. I caught her lying next to me on her favorite pillow perch. I hope you enjoy the photos and I will be checking in again soon with more of my adventures. Of course I’ll be carrying my camera to church! 🙂


Pixie 02.jpg




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