Family Photos

My visit to my sister’s home in South Carolina included a stop at my niece’s home. Suzanne built this home with her own hands as a part of Habitat For Humanity. I couldn’t be more proud of her for the hard work she put in to qualify and then pitch in to build her family’s home.

During my visit yesterday I got to meet her three doggies as well as reacquaint myself with her two sons, Lucas & Ethan. We gathered both inside and outside for family pictures. Remember, the boys were little kids 11 years ago when I last saw them.

Suzanne works at an animal shelter that supplied her 3 dogs. The Cocker Spaniel was abandoned when it’s owner discovered it must have surgery to remove an infected eye. Suz was given the dog after the surgery by the clinic.

So, below are a couple of family photos taken during my visit to Suz’s house. I had a great time!






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